I was once asked to describe myself in three sentences.

My head instantly filled with hundreds of words. How to decide which ones to leave out, and how to order the remaining ones into three coherent sentences?

I realised how much confusion I had around my own identity. Much of this came from taking on the labels and stories others had placed on me, seeing myself through their eyes till I could no longer see myself.

So I dug deep. I looked for information that fit with what I knew deep down to be my truth.

I felt my way through the labyrinth till I found a path. It was overgrown and tangled, but I followed it in faith.

It led me to a simple and succinct understanding of the deepest essence of who I am.

The need to feel loved and valued, The need to illuminate and inspire. The need for my tribe to feel held, witnessed, enlightened.

How empowering it was for me to build and fine-tune these sentences and share them into the world. I felt myself expand as I claimed them and grew into them more and more:

  1. Illuminating the darkness
  2. Holding space and time
  3. Creating deep understanding and acceptance.

They began to guide my goals, and they shifted over time to the ones you see at the bottom of my newsletter. They keep me on track as I continue to grow through and beyond them.

I wanted to share a prompt for you to begin finding your own three sentences.

Gather around you the quotes and phrases that draw you the most. Find the ones that feel like a comfortable fit, not forced or a ‘should’.

Keep building and clarifying them until they come together and light you up. Try them on and feel their essence. Remove the ones that aren’t a complete fit.

When you’re clear on your wording, release them into the world.

Put them in your diary, on your screensaver, the wardrobe door. Add them to your social media descriptions, your ‘about’ page.

As you move into them, the people and opportunities that resonate with them will move towards you as well.

I’d love to hear what you come up with. Email me if you feel like sharing.


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