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The Tyranny of Too


I’ve been told I’m too sensitive, too slow, I go to bed too late, sleep too late, I think too much and I expect too much.

I want to know who sets the line where it crosses into ‘too’ land. What is the criteria for being too much as opposed to the right amount? Who decides this criteria? And where do you look it up when you want to pass judgment on someone else’s feelings and behaviour so they will know it’s too much?

I think maybe what people really mean when they make these statements is ‘I am uncomfortable with your sensitivity, with how long you take to do things, with the time you go to sleep, with how much you plan to do with your life and how much time you spend thinking about it’.

And that I think is their problem.

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  1. Well said. I am all those too’s too, and my only business if to make sure I’m ok with my too’s x
    Donna recently posted…Getting Smacked in the Face by the Giving Up ThoughtMy Profile

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