Everything you are and everything you need is already inside of you.

Sometimes though, it doesn’t feel like it. It feels more like you are full of empty spaces and numbness and things that are missing inside you.

This is because you put so many of your treasures into the dark corners of your soul, hiding them there from those who didn’t hold them sacred.

You tucked them away inside the safe canyons of your heart, to protect them from those who were blinded by the light of your treasure. The ones who coveted your treasure or sneered at it, not realising their own treasure was hidden away deep inside, forgotten.

Your fear of having your most precious parts stolen or shattered by others left you no choice but to remove them from sight, storing them up for later when it would be safe to bring them out again.

But as others have done, you forgot them, or you forgot their hiding place. So they stayed out of sight, inaccessible, waiting for your return.

They are all still there – your passion, your talents, your courage, your intuitive knowing – still intact and in working order, safe and preserved in the soft spaces of your heart.

You only have to return with a light to shine on them and they will reveal themselves to you. And when they do, you can bring them back to the world you now live in, and share them with others who have forgotten.

It wasn’t safe before, but now you have a place for them, where greedy grabbing hands can’t snatch them away, and envious hearts can’t knock them to the ground. You are the keeper of your treasures, and no-one can touch them without your permission.

The light you shine can take many forms:

  • journalling your uncomfortable stories
  • deep sharing with trusted friends
  • swirls of colour on an empty page
  • making masks of your shadow side
  • psychodrama and dance
  • doing that thing that scares you
  • time in nature and with animals
  • old photographs.

This is wild and powerful magic. This is the hero’s (and heroine’s) journey. This is the call to return to your essence. How will you answer it?


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