There is so much energy trapped in our wounds, energy that once liberated through healing and transformation, can be used for creativity and innovation.
Bethany Webster

Recently I did a clayfield session with my friend Linda who is in training as an art therapist. The session is conducted with eyes closed, allowing the hands to explore clay contained within a rectangular box.

This process provides a way for the body to tell stories about what has happened and what needs to happen for recovery and healing.

Usually I am very tentative with the clay, touching it only with my fingertips at first. I tend to keep the clay within the box and not make a mess. However in this last session something shifted, and I began scooping the clay out and piling it on my lap (I wore an apron).

Once I had it all out I felt the need to pick it up and cradle it like a baby. It was as though I had taken back all of myself and redefined the boundaries of my life. Needless to say it made a mess, which was uncomfortable but also healing, because as a young child I was never allowed to make any mess.

To reclaim our innermost selves, we need to be willing to go where it is uncomfortable and do something different. In the framework of the hero’s journey, this would be akin to going into the wilderness to face our dragons.

This is where we find the parts of ourselves we disowned because they were considered to messy, too loud, too much for those around us. Without these parts, we cannot live to our full potential. Instead we live according to the wishes of others.

It takes courage and support to enter the wilderness and reclaim these lost parts of ourselves. The cave we fear to enter often holds our banished creativity, our silenced voice, our exiled dreams and wishes, all those parts we were forced to abandon long ago in order to fit in, avoid conflict, survive.

Next weekend a group of adventurous souls will join me as we step into the darkness, releasing the old ways and reclaiming our dark gifts to live more in line with our full potential. We will pass through the gates of transformation into the wild depths and begin healing the wounds that have kept us from fully expressing our authentic selves.

I get so much out of seeing these group participants bravely follow their hearts and step into their power. If you feel so called, we would love you to join us. What dark gifts await you?

Want to join us for a hero’s journey? Five days of journeying into the shadows to recover your wild true self.

Join us and claim your Dark Gifts. Find all the details here.


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