The feelings are going to come.

Something happens, you have a reaction, you express that reaction. If you’re lucky, someone witnesses the feelings and validates them. The event is complete.

But most of us are not that lucky.

Instead, we’re taught to hide our reactions. We view them like broken wings. We call them symptoms and we try to fix them. We make them wrong.

We amass anxiety about our anxiety, anger about our anger, pain about our pain. We trap them all inside us like caged birds.

But our symptoms are not caused by an event. They represent what is incomplete in the wake of the event, the energy that has not yet been discharged from the body in response to the event.

We release by becoming aware of their presence, letting them see the light of day. We set them free through words, art, movement, breath.

Your symptoms are not flaws. They are natural reactions to situations that overwhelmed your nervous system. They are the result of being broken-hearted and terrorised, betrayed and abandoned.

Your symptoms are the breadcrumbs that lead you to the truth. This is how we heal.

The feelings are going to come. Are you going to trap them inside or will you set them free?

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