For sensitive, creative, spiritual souls who want to create more space in their lives for what’s important…

A 10 day digital course filled with gentle invitations to explore through art, journalling, movement and ritual.

to make space,

to stretch,

to grow,

to reveal new layers,

to renew ourselves,

…we shed.

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You’ll know you need to shed your skin if:

  • you have feelings of ‘one day’ but right now you feel like life is on hold
  • there are parts of you that feel as though they’re in limbo with no outlet in your daily life
  • you’ve been told who you are by others and you’re starting to wonder if any of it is true
  • you carry strong feelings that feel overwhelming
  • you have unhealthy relationship patterns you don’t know how to change
  • you want to feel seen and heard by others instead of feeling like nobody knows you
  • you particularly want to connect with your own soul and honour your true essence.

Join this supported process of gentle release so we can return to our bodies inside our new skin whose time has come.

I just took Leanne’s class Shedding Your Skin 2018 and it was so amazing and powerful that I was transformed in some really beautiful and powerful ways by the insights I gained from that class. I recommend the Shedding Your Skin class for anyone. ~Rhonda, USA

I took myself off to the Seaside for a small break to really Honour what is arising within Me after working through the first 2 questions….Each question excavates deeply. I am really enjoying the course….I have released so much and really eased up on myself! Thank You so much. ~ Rose, UK

These have been such wonderful prompts. I’ve been working through very slowly as there is so much richness here, and will revisit this course again and again, each time unearthing something new. Thank you.  ~ Maria, Qld

Thank you for this course. I love the way you trust us with the process, yet you are there if we need you. Such a blessing. ~ Janet, NSW

This course is life-changing.. truly. You have crystallised the profound healing wisdom from your own deep experience and substantial professional studies into gems that enlighten the way for others.   ~ Maria, Vic

I have learnt so much about myself through this, it’s definitely shed some skin. Thank you  for your compassion, kindness, wise words and endless understanding. ~ Cath, Qld

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.”

Joseph Campbell

what’s included:

A 34 page pdf colour booklet inviting exploration through words, photos, art, movement and reflection. Yours to print and keep forever.

10 daily prompts inviting exploration through words, photos, art, movement and reflection.

A private FB group for connection and support if you choose.

Explore all the parts of you, both expressed and unexpressed. Invite them to come forward, be seen, and share their messages with you.

Burn and release to the full moon all that wants to leave, that no longer serves you and does not belong.

Shake it loose through movement. Let it fall from you and slip away in the dance.

Speak the unspoken within you. Create room for what has been hidden to emerge and find full expression.

Reclaim what has been lost or never claimed. Make space for those emerging parts to be held and embodied.

Decorate your new skin and let it sparkle and gleam. Claim your treasure and call it home.

Note: You do not need to have any professional creative skills – this is about the process of exploring, showing up, creating and undoing, not a particular outcome.

The idea first came to me when I noticed the big old gum beside my treehouse shedding her bark.  She does this to create space to grow bigger, and rid herself of pests and disease. As she grows, she sheds old bark to make room for the new and healthy parts to emerge.

It occurred to me that this was a metaphor for our lives. As we grow, we shed the parts of us that are no longer needed, that constrain and weaken us. In doing this, we find new parts emerging. By making this a conscious process, we choose which parts of our story we shed and what will remain.

We’ll cover:

  1. The Parts – exploring what is expressed in your body and what hides there silently
  2. Embodying – taking a look inside the unexpressed feelings
  3. The Unspoken – acknowledging what has gone unsaid, the ache, the want, the unclaimed
  4. The Burning – stepping out of your old skin under the light of the full moon
  5. The Ashes – emerging from the ashes, surrendering to the losses
  6. The Wave – using movement to celebrate the new spaces
  7. Reclaiming – undoing the old stories, the mistaken meanings, salvaging the lost living
  8. Emerging – filling the empty spaces, rising consciously and fully
  9. Treasure – creating your sacred space from the inside out
  10. Celebration – reassembling into your new and bigger and magnificent skin.

To renew ourselves through surrender, gratitude, grief and acceptance:

  • Let’s gather round and tell our stories.
  • Let’s listen for the truth as it opens the door for what wants to leave.
  • Let’s catch each other in the gentle release of all that no longer honours and serves.
  • Let’s return to our bodies, illuminated and true, fully inside our new skin whose time has arrived.

We begin Thursday October 10.