“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Joseph Campbell

claim your dark gifts


Take a 5 day guided hero’s journey into your soul.

Feeling disconnected from my intuition and dreams, I took a long journey into the shadows and lost my way. I didn’t have any mentors or companions walking the same path, and I often stumbled. Eventually I found like-minded souls who were able to shine a light so I could create a unique path for myself. In doing this I found the essential parts of myself that had been lost. I had hidden them there in the dark because I was told they were unacceptable.  When I brought them back into the light I discovered this was far from true – these things were in fact gifts.


Thank you for this amazing journey. I’m so grateful to have joined in because now I feel like I have not just taken a step in the right direction but that I actually just crossed and conquered an entire mountain!!  ~ Jazzy, Brisbane

I no longer fear the dragon, I AM the dragon. I go forward with fire and wings, scales and claws, I’m wild and free, empowered to overcome whatever stands in my way! ~ Janet, South Australia

course outline



#1 Preparation

This step will help you prepare for your descent into the shadows. Just like preparing for any journey, there are things you need to do before setting out.  You’ll need to be fully prepared and have all you need for the road.

#2 Answering the Call

This step will help you acknowledge what is rising up from deep within. What are you yearning for? What are you grieving?

#3 Entering the Cave

You’ll be guided into new territory where the rules are different. You’ll identify what your obstacles are, what holds you back, and what will be different when you remove the barriers. You’ll open doors you didn’t even know were there.

#4 Taming the Dragon

You’ll confront your fears and, in doing so, create new beginnings. Once you confront your dragon, you can never go back to who you were. This is the point where awareness becomes action – new life is born here.

#5 The Return

This step will guide you home, knowing the answers to the questions: Who will I be now I am free from past limitations? What are my treasures and how will I keep them safe? How will I use them to transform the world as I have been transformed? The gifts you found in the dark are your life’s purpose.

enter the shadows here

Beautiful woman walks at the country. Wet, casual dress, barefoo

Many of us find our lives have gone off track and we’ve ended up living in ways that don’t truly represent who we are inside. The five key steps above will allow you to tune into your true essence and start living from your heart. They will require you to step out of your familiar world and explore the unknown. This is where your treasure lies.

Come into the wilderness and reclaim your hidden treasures.

Thank you  so much for bringing us all together and leading us on this wonderful journey. ~ Sherry,  Oregon

I will be revisiting this work over the next few months and I discover and recover more of my inner treasures. I’m still coming to terms with realising that it’s not the dragon guarding the treasure I need to be worried about but a wraith/shade that rises out of the dark and whispers about self-doubt and insecurity. This summer, I’ll be working on getting the dragon to toast that spectre once and for all.  Patti,  Baltimore

what you’ll receive

  • 5 writing prompts inviting exploration through words, photos, art, movement and reflection.
  • A private FB group for support and celebration of your treasures and triumphs (live course only)
  • Creative activities for finding and honouring your wounded parts
  • Encouragement and guidance as you find your way again
  • A 27 page pdf colour booklet containing all the prompts. Yours to print and keep forever.

Note: You do not need to have any professional creative skills – this is about the process of exploring, not a particular outcome.

Tune into your true essence and start living from your heart. Live courses will run from time to time or you can buy the e-book below as a stand alone home study program and start whenever you like.


Cost:  AU$9 (approx US$7)