Sessions are held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia or via Skype (or similar program) and last for 60 minutes. Bulk billing for in person sessions is available for full-time students and recipients of a Centrelink benefit with a mental health care plan.

  • We’ll discuss what’s been coming up for you, what you’d like to work on, and what you’ve already tried. We’ll come up with an overall idea of what needs to happen and how we might go about creating that.
  • We won’t just talk about what’s happening, we’ll dig deep and start exploring. This often brings up more questions, which is why we might use art therapy approaches to deepen the exploration and connect with your body wisdom.
  • We’ll integrate what we’ve learned, and come up with an active plan to make your transformation tangible in the real world. We’ll turn your insights into actions so that you can embody the changes in your daily life.

Because our stories can’t always be fully expressed in words, I use a number of mediums, including guided drawing, art therapy, sensorimotor psychotherapy, Soul Art® and journalling, in addition to more traditional approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Sessions aim to facilitate healing through the release of ‘stuck’ energy and untapped emotion, allowing you to discover your own individual source of universal wisdom. You will experience a safe supportive place in which to reframe and redirect your personal story.

You do not need to have any creative experience whatsoever. The focus is on the process of movement, finding meaning and freeing energy in the body, not the finished product.

I am committed to going beyond intellectual processes to a much deeper level of creative and spiritual healing. My professional background stems from my personal quest to understand the human experience.

My qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Psychology
  • Diploma of Life Coaching
  • Certificate of Initiatic Art Therapy
  • Certificate IV Workplace Assessment & Training
  • Diploma of Creative Writing

I am also a former President of the Eating Disorders Association of Qld and a current member of the Australian Psychological Society. I am an adoptee and have recently completed the Australian Psychological Society’s training on supporting people affected by forced adoption.

Contact me here for more information or to book a Skype appointment. To book a face-to-face session on the Gold Coast, please call 5679 1362. You can also book a free 15 minute initial phone/Skype consultation to ensure we’re a good fit prior to working together.