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Topics I am able to speak about include:

  • complex trauma and PTSD
  • art therapy for healing trauma
  • managing anxiety and mood
  • body image issues
  • adoption trauma
  • body-focused psychotherapy
  • adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
  • Joseph Campbell’s ‘hero’s journey’ archetype
  • Jung’s ‘shadow’ archetype
  • empathy and introverts
  • highly sensitive people (HSPs)
  • narcissism and scapegoating
  • shame and vulnerability
  • recovering our creativity
  • the use of art, nature and animals in healing.

I was interviewed by Good Health & Medicine magazine for a feature article entitled ‘Get Happy Now‘, where I spoke about the secrets of enjoying life to the full.


I contributed articles on ‘Creative Living – Reclaiming the Artist Within‘ for Insight Magazine and ‘The Healing Power of Creativity‘ for Good Therapy Magazine.


I’ve also contributed articles to The Professional Therapist on the use of art therapy and equine-assisted therapy.



I was a regular contributor to the Village Hearth Magazine and I featured in the premiere issue of Eco Heart Magazine on ‘Being An Empath: When Your Feelings Are Not Your Feelings’. I also contributed to iCoach Magazine with ‘Let Your Creativity Lead You Home’.

village hearth          Eco Heart Magazine          icoach


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Radio Interviews:

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