Your story is like the ugly duckling and the swan, she said.

The little bird who was different to the other birds.

A lonely little creature who suffered mockery, criticism and shame because of his difference.

“You’re ugly”, they told him. “You don’t belong”.

So he searched for a new home, a family that would accept him despite his ugliness, a place to feel safe.

Surviving a long winter of sadness, hiding in solitude, frightened and alone.

Watching with awe the flock of swans overhead with their beautiful wings, soaring above the frozen emptiness.

Deciding to risk approaching them as they glided in across the pond, certain they would tear him apart, but unable to tolerate any longer being pecked by ducks, beaten by hens, pushed away, hungry and cold.

And bowing his head to await his fate, he saw his reflection. He saw that he was just like them. He saw that he was beautiful. And so did the swans, who embraced him.

The sorrow and troubles he had suffered for so long allowing him to fully appreciate all the joy and happiness he finally found, among those of his own kind.

Difference does not make us ugly.

In time, you will find and join your true tribe. And in their eyes, you will see reflected your true self, your most beautiful self.

You will finally know who you really are.

And that is why I wear the necklace with the crystal swans, always close to my heart.

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