We tiptoe through our lives, apologising for taking up space, making noise, needing help. We let other people’s needs take priority over our own.

We can slide right off the face of the Earth this way. You are a guest of honour. Your skin was created to fit only you.

Tear up the contract that says you will be silent and malleable. Cancel the pact that says you won’t express your joy or pain, or lift your voice.

Eradicate ‘I don’t really mind…’ and ‘Sorry but I just…’ Turn off the busy-ness that keeps you distracted from the parts of your soul that are dying.

Remember who you are. Stamp your feet as you move forward. Take up space, make noise, ask for help. Risk disappointing someone by prioritising your needs, even your wants.

Write a new contract that says you matter, you belong here, you have something to contribute. Then contribute it, without apology.

Accept only those into your inner circle who adore your dark crooked places and the blinding flames that set your tongue on fire. Put your energy there.

Be with those who encourage the bodily experience of your wild and true nature. This is how neural pathways change, not through positive thinking, but through being and embodying.

Take back your soul. loving every quiet and messy corner of it. Find its true edges. We demand it of you, your power, your presence

Step boldly into the shadows. They contain the vast cosmos of you, all the dark gifts your past self stored for you there, waiting to be unearthed.

Gather your treasures and step out of the cage. Let their light set the walls on fire. Let their spark set the world on fire.


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