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The wound is the place where the light enters you. - Rumi

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Walking the Labyrinth


Drawing Out The Pain


A Guide For The Wounded Soul


My Top 10 Highlights of 2013

GUEST POST: Following a Soul-Inspired Idea

GUEST POST: Following a Soul-Inspired Idea:

It’s been a while since I posted here – so much has been happening and I plan to catch up during December – but to finish off this month I have an amazing story of creative inspiration from my friend Jill Chesrow of Inner Alignment Mandalas. This is the story of how she and an inspired group of women from all over the world came together to bring a dream to life. I love how she reminds us we don’t have to know the full ‘how’ in order to begin taking action towards creating our dreams. You can read more about Jill below. read more

Plans for Hibernation

 In the wild, hibernation usually involves eating a lot followed by a period of inactivity to conserve energy and escape the extreme cold and lack of available food during winter. Some animals even give birth during this period of slumber. read more

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