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An Empath’s Survival Guide


Many empaths, especially those who don’t know they are empaths, feel drained and lethargic much of the time. They assume it’s because they lack energy, when in fact they probably have too much…of other people’s energy.

The popular method of protecting yourself from sponging up all the negativity and pain around you is to shield yourself – often with crystals that repel negative energy, visualising a barrier of light around you, or spending time alone where possible.

However Heidi, the empath who spoke at the recent Mind Body Spirit festival, doesn’t agree with this. She believes that empaths are here to absorb negative energy, that’s their job. The key, she said, is grounding.

Grounding Techniques

Once an empath has been bombarded by other people’s energy and emotions, it’s typical to feel full of resentment, confusion and overwhelm. Grounding techniques will release these energies to be converted into healing energy.

One way to do this is to stand barefoot on the earth and visualise the energy shooting down through the soles of your feet into the ground beneath you.  You can also put your hands in the soil of your garden or the sand at the beach.

Does this harm Mother Earth? Not according to Heidi – she assured us that Mother Earth is grateful that so many empaths are here cleaning up the energy of the planet.

Rose quartz is a crystal recommended for empaths because it soothes the heart chakra and has a steady grounding energy. Hematite is another grounding crystal.

Keep your crystals, or even a stone from your garden, in your pocket during the day to keep you grounded.

Swimming or bathing, especially in salt water, is another effective  technique for discharging unwanted energies, along with creative activities, particularly those done with your hands.

I’m also told that holding a cat is an effective grounding tool! I imagine being with any sort of (willing) animal would be helpful for an overwhelmed empath.

Any of these strategies can help you stay safely in the presence of other people longer, even in large crowds.

You’ll feel more able to cope, and much less drained, when you don’t need to shield and defend yourself. Instead of feeling irritable and overwhelmed, a well-grounded empath can feel calm and centred.

For those of you who are empaths (or those who work with them), I’d love to hear what you do to look after yourself in a healthy way.

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  1. I am an empathy and trying separate what is mine and what belong to other people

  2. Hi there, thanks for the info!

    I didn’t know until I was 52 that I was an empath, so you’re right about that, that I was bombarded by other people’s energy. Of course it’s better late than never, but how I wish I had been aware of how to protect myself all those years I spent with a lethargic partner! After twelve years of living with him it took me over three years to shed the effects.

    I don’t agree on the grounding by holding a cat because I’ve had cats for decades and often hold and stroke them, and recently I was told by several spiritual healers that I was badly grounded.

    I was given a fabulous meditation to be grounded but at the same time remain spiritually connected, in a kind of perfect balance. I would like to share it here:

    Sit on a chair with your feet on the ground and spend a little time staring into candlelight; after your mind has been cleared of thoughts for about 30 seconds, imagine a beam of white light shooting from your root chakra into Mother Earth. Mother Earth sends her energy back to you via this light into your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakra, the heart, where it rests.

    You then let white light stream in from above via your crown chakra, down into the 6th, 5th and into the heart chakra, where it joins with the energy from Mother Earth. You can make up your own text at that point. I always say then that I am a divinely balanced spiritual human. 🙂

    You can do this every day, but at least a few times a week. It also helps me when I suddenly feel a bit down. The healer who showed me this said it’s also a protection from entities latching onto empaths.


  3. I wonder…. a lot of times when I feel the most stressed is when one of the cats comes and sits on my lap or next to me. Maybe they sense something I don’t.
    Ronni recently posted…still so much to do.My Profile

  4. Great article Leanne! And I love what the other ladies shared too. I do believe that some empaths are here to take on and release the collective negativity and I also believe that other empaths are here to establish firm boundaries and not take on others stuff. Our journeys are so individualized there is not one correct answer. And even perhaps at different times in our lives our Soul purpose is one or the other…

    I believe no matter what one’s role is as long as it is being done consciously that is key. Know what is yours and what isn’t. As I spent this recent week in the Intensive Care Unit with my Dad and then at his wake and funeral, I was acutely aware of this. I could be totally fine and then all of a sudden burst out into tears and while I was doing this enough on my own I began to tune into what was mine and what was somebody else s. Most of the time it wasn’t mine so I set the intention not to take in anybody else’s stuff and remain tuned into what was mine and mine alone. My Universal Support Team kicked into high gear and had my back making this experience much more peaceful.

    • Leanne Chapman

      August 11, 2013 at 8:25 pm

      Good point Jill, maybe some empaths are here for different reasons than others, it makes sense. Glad to hear your support team have been taking care of you and making such a significant event in your life a little more peaceful x

  5. Ooh, useful stuff Leanne! I used to take a rose quartz crystal with me when I did massage work, and it did help (as well as a clear one), but I’ve always been a bit rubbish at grounding! I’ll give this a try, thank you.x
    Donna recently posted…Podcast: Jealousy and Your Big DreamMy Profile

  6. Thanks for this post! I’m not sure I necessarily agree with what she said about how an empath’s job is to absorb negative energy, but I do agree about the importance of grounding as well as the importance of clearing my own energetic field. I use the tips you posted – getting in touch with earth is incredibly grounding, I also use grounding visualizations, and I’m a huge crystal junkie – my favorite go-to crystals for grounding are black tourmaline and smoky quartz (these are also very protective crystals). Throughout the day I release all energy that is not mine, and call back all of my own energy – it’s basically saying it and setting that intention, something I learned from a teacher of mine (Flora Peterson) to disconnect from energy that doesn’t belong to me and reclaim my own, since we’re always exchanging energy with others. When I feel like I need protection I like to put myself into a blue egg. And when a situation calls for heavy-duty protection for me I’ll do more in-depth forms of shielding and protecting, including things I learned in my Reiki and other energy work training, as well as my shamanic training. I don’t feel the need to do this every day, though. (and doing so doesn’t seem to drain me in any way) Your website has such a wonderful feel to it!
    Gin recently posted…nurturing the creative within…My Profile

    • Leanne Chapman

      August 11, 2013 at 8:22 pm

      Thanks for your lovely comment Gin, and for the great tips – sounds like you have an indepth understanding of grounding and protection, thanks for sharing!

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