Leanne Chapman

Hi, I’m Leanne (she/her). I’m a registered psychologist and certified art therapist and life coach. I live and work on Queensland’s Gold Coast in my pole home known as The Treehouse, where I am often visited by local wildlife such as kangaroos, lorikeets, native possums and even a koala.

I always dreamed of becoming a writer and artist, travelling the world, and running an animal sanctuary. But I began life born to a young girl who had no home for me, so I was adopted out to a family of strangers who remained strangers. As a military family, we moved constantly and at one point I went to boarding school. There was very little opportunity for me to develop healthy attachment in my early life, apart from my pets.

After moving so many times, I had to drop out of school altogether. I had none of the prerequisites for following any of my dreams, so I got a job in a bank. Unbeknown to anyone, least of all me, I was experiencing symptoms of major depression and PTSD, and it wasn’t long until I got the sack.

I spent years searching for ways to heal, recover my creativity, and reconnect with my dreams. Along the way I became a therapist and for the last 22 years I’ve been working with others in recovery from the impact of childhood trauma. That journey is so filled with wrong turns and dead ends and nobody should have to walk it alone. 

I am now in the process of realising my earliest dreams. I write regularly on my blog and I’m studying art at university. As a therapist I’m committed more than ever to going beyond intellectual processes to a deeper level of creative and spiritual healing. In recent years, I’ve been using somatic approaches to healing that repair the nervous system, alongside more cognitive processes.

This was the missing link in my own healing. It allows me to utilise a client’s creativity and intuition in the recovery process. I often have clients come to me after they’ve done cognitive work elsewhere, wanting to use a mind/body approach to address such areas as managing anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, the impact of adverse childhood experiences, improving communication, body image issues and life transitions.

If this might be what you’ve been looking for, I offer a free 15 minute chat via phone or Skype to see if working together would be useful. Contact me here and let’s talk.

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