Hi, I’m Leanne.

I offer creative healing journeys using a mind-body-spirit approach.  I am calling all lost and wounded souls. Come out of the darkness. Confront your dragons. Acknowledge your grief. Let’s begin your healing from the inside out.

Being a psychologist doesn’t mean I know what’s best for you. It doesn’t mean I see you as a category or a diagnostic label. It doesn’t mean I can tell you what you need to do.

For me, working in this profession means I have the honour of you trusting me with the pieces of the jigsaw, allowing me to hold them gently as you sort them into a design that works best for you.

It means I have the privilege of shining light for your feet as you pick your way through the debris to create a path only you can create.

It means we become detectives together, being curious and exploring the dark corners, shifting what we can while accepting what is.

You don’t have to hand over the reins of your life to anyone. You don’t need someone to fix you or heal you or advise you.

But you also don’t have to find your way home alone.

I am a registered psychologist and a certified art therapist and life coach, specialising in anxiety, depression, and recovery from adverse childhood experiences, including adoption.

I am also a writer, dreamer, night owl, introvert, adoptee, someone who relies on my faith and intuition.

I knew I was a writer from early childhood but it took decades to find my voice. In the meantime, I became a therapist, trying to help others make sense of their lives as well as seeking to understand my own.

Now I combine writing and therapy to work with clients in person and online. I also share articles on my blog covering topics such as creativity, love, loss and healing.

Sometimes the answers can’t be found by staying in our heads, we need to explore the wisdom of our body as well. I use a holistic framework for addressing emotional difficulties, approaching them from the idea that emotions are often stored in the body.

This mind-body approach allows us to complete unfinished business and facilitate deep long-lasting healing. I draw on my qualifications as a registered psychologist, an initiatic art therapist, a life coach, and  a certified Soul Art® Guide, along with my personal experience as one who has walked through the shadows many times.

Issues you might choose to address include anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, recovery from narcissistic abuse and adverse childhood experiences (including adoption), improving communication, body image issues and life transitions.