Welcome to the misfits, the too much or not enough ones, the creatives who are not creating, the survivors who want become thrivers, the grieving ones, the vulnerable and stuck ones, the wild hearts and free spirits – all those who are feeling out of step and misunderstood by the world we live in.

I am a therapist, writer, coach, dreamer, animal lover, introvert, night owl.  I am a guide to help you illuminate the dark places, create yourself from the inside-out and remember who you really are.

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I offer one to one sessions in person on Queensland’s Gold Coast or via Skype / phone. If you’re ready to get unstuck and create new beginnings, click 1:1 Sessions for more information.


binderlayingopen_950x1095I also offer a range of short online courses. Join us at Shedding Skin as we make space for the emerging parts of you to be held and embodied. If you’re wanting to get back on track and start living from your heart, click Dark Gifts for more information.


Typewriter.Here you’ll find articles on a range of topics relating to psychology, trauma, introverts, healing and self-care, in categories such as courage, healing, sensitivity, and creativity.