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Create your life from the inside out


As a registered psychologist, art therapist and spiritual coach, I am committed to going beyond intellectual processes to a much deeper level of creative and spiritual healing.

I believe that honouring all our feelings, even the so-called ‘bad’ ones, allows us to be true to ourselves. When we do this, our outer circumstances start to align with who we really are inside

I have been a registered psychologist in Queensland, Australia, for almost 20 years, working in hospitals and universities and teaching counselling students. I am also a former President of the Eating Disorders Association of Qld.

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She Said…

shesaid‘she said’ is today’s prompt for my Community Grace course with Hannah Marcotti. A time to sit down and ground myself in the blessings I receive and share them publicly to say thank you.

Read more…

The Cure For The Pain

tears1Most of us have heard the phrases get over it, move on, stop wallowing, stop playing the victim, let it go. I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to do just this. The way I’ve done it is to get counselling, write about it, talk about it, draw it, try to make sense of it, try to grow and learn and change. And THAT is what people will call ‘playing the victim’. Read more…

To Those Who Have Seen The Darkness

woman in cloakWe have all been driven down into the dark at some time in our lives, through loss, abuse or betrayal. If you linger in the depths of your despair, you will be looked down upon by those up there on the surface. They have no frame of reference on which to draw to make sense of your situation, your experience, your perspective; so they make up their own meanings. Read more…

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