yoga flowers22

You have been living inside the expectations and projections of others and you long to fully express yourself authentically instead. The problem is you’ve been quite successful at being who others want you to be and it has some benefits in that it feels safe and comfortable.

But you want more, because not living in the full expression of your true self is unfulfilling and stifling. The challenge is to step out of what feels ‘normal’ to do what is true for you, because it means that those around you might feel puzzled, even betrayed, and you will feel out of your depth and doubt yourself. That’s where I come in.

  • Because limiting the full expression of yourself robs the world of your gifts and wisdom.
  • Because bottling up painful feelings can lead to psychological and physical illness, social difficulties and addiction.
  • Because our society struggles with the expression of ‘negative’ feelings such as anger and sadness, leading us to hide valid and important parts of ourselves.
  • Because we are fearful of expressing emotional pain after being taught that it means we’re crazy or ‘playing the victim’.
  • Because we are looking for a witness, a safe place to find meaning in all that has happened.
  • Because avoiding the darker side of ourselves is not the same as being emotionally healthy and healed.