Trauma-informed counselling


Being a psychologist doesn’t mean I know what’s best for you. It doesn’t mean I see you as a category or a diagnostic label. It means I have the honour of you trusting me with the pieces of the jigsaw, allowing me to hold them without judgment as you sort them into a design that works best for you.

It means I have the privilege of shining light for your feet as you pick your way through the debris to create a path only you can create. It means we become detectives together, being curious and exploring the dark corners, shifting what we can while accepting what is. You don’t have to hand over the reins of your life to anyone. You don’t need someone to fix you or heal you or advise you.

But you may need a safe container for sorting through the hard stuff. You don’t have to walk this way alone. My mission is to create a society where survivors of complex trauma can find safe nonjudgmental support for the expression and integration of their experiences, using approaches that address both brain and nervous system repair. I offer a wide range of support for those who experience trauma, grief & loss, anxiety and depression and the professionals who work with them.

When society says you shouldn’t feel the way you do, you can become stuck. You can’t talk about what happened to you. You can’t find support and you feel alone. You believe your feelings are wrong.  You start to wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

Whatever your loss, there is wisdom giving it a voice. There is relief in speaking about your pain in the company of those who can make space for it. That’s what Writing Down The Dark is all about.

Writing Down The Dark


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In this comprehensive free guide, I explain the 7 key points you need to know if you find yourself cast in the role  of scapegoat. It includes an outline of why you ended up in this role and the way this can stop you moving ahead with your life. This free guide aims to get you clear about what being in this role has cost you and how to start stepping out of it for good.

Scapegoat Recovery Guide


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