This is a place for all those who have suffered at the hands of others, and are now dealing with the wounding that resulted.

Here you will not be told to ‘stop dwelling on the past’ or ‘all things happen for a reason’. You will not be given a deadline for your grief to be complete, and you will not be expected to be ‘over it’ by now.

There are some things that we never get over, despite the constant pressure from society to be happy. Happiness is just one of the many emotions we experience in a fully lived life.

It is possible to have a life filled with both happiness and sorrow – one does not preclude the other. But because some emotions are labelled ‘wrong’, we send them into battle against each other.

There are no bad emotions, they are all there for our expression of life and self. When we block them because we’re told they’re ‘bad’, we express them in other ways, often through the body.

This is a place for you to set down your pain for a little while, to explore its wisdom, and maybe when you pick it up again after listening a little, you’ll find your relationship to it has changed.

Our wounds, our sorrow, our trauma and grief, these things are holy. They deserve space, to be seen and heard and held. They tell us who we are.